Many young people go abroad. Those who stay here often decide to start their own business. They think that it will bring them more income than practicing another profession. What if, however, a company, business person or individual falls into financial trouble? It is now a very common phenomenon, especially due to the increasing scale of payment gridlocks. Unfortunately, it is often associated with increasing debts to, among others The Tax Office.

Is it possible to defer or completely cancel the debt in the Tax Office?

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On internet forums, you can find a lot of statements from people who have fallen financially as a result of an unforeseen accident or incident. For example, the company they ran did not generate income, so it had to be closed, but the debt remained in the Tax Office. Unfortunately, often such persons no longer have sufficient funds to pay back. What can you do then?

A taxpayer having a problem with timely payment of tax may apply for deferment of the tax payment date or installment payment.

If this option is insufficient and the tax payment deadline has passed

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The taxpayer may apply for total or partial debt cancellation. The consequence of this is the cancellation of interest for late payment, in whole or in part, depending on the scale of cancellation of tax arrears. In rare cases, the Tax Office removes tax arrears on its own initiative, not necessarily at the taxpayer’s request.

This happens in cases where it is practically impossible to collect amounts due from the payer, and more precisely, when no higher amount is obtained in the enforcement proceedings than the funds necessary for the enforcement proceedings.

To sum up

Debt cancellation in the Tax Office is possible, you only need to take the appropriate steps to be able to get relief. Among other things, it is necessary to collect documents proving the life situation, complete the application and submit strong arguments for the argument of the person concerned. More on this topic can be found here.

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